Professional Services

Professional Services

Our Software Department & Technicians can install related Print Managed / account track software so you can track your printing Costs in your company.

You can setup Depatments on account track and stop un-autherised people to print saving on print costs and add to productivity in your company.

Some of our software account tracking packages:
  • Free Machine enabled User Authentication and Account tracking .
  • Free Machine web-based management software updating email addresses, acounts and User Boxes .
  • Y-Soft print managed software.
  • i Options including Seachable PDF Function, Barcode Font Function, ThinPrint Function, OCR to convert Files to Word, Excel, Powerpoint Data
  • Addaptable Print and Scan Applications Development
  • Secure Printing Follow me Software

It is important focusing on growing Your Company and how you could improve on productivity.

Software modules that grow with the size of your Business. We are your Print and Software solution.